Five for Friday!!!

Hi everyone!! I hope you are all enjoying summer!! I finally am starting to relax after a month out!! hah :) I haven't gotten a chance to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a few weeks so I thought it was a perfect time!!
So here goes...

1. This past week I finally completed my new theme for my classroom this year!!! I've always wanted to create my own theme with all the materials, and I cannot be more excited!! I am doing a Community Theme next year to help reduce the gap in background knowledge that my students come in with having to do with where they live and the area around them. Sooo...I cannot wait to get it going!! I even have driver's licenses made for them when they are able to remember their addresses and phone numbers!!! My groups are going to be City Living, Country Living and Suburb Living, and almost every material has a community scene as a background!! Can you tell I'm excited?!? hah :) I made 11 parts to my theme so I put them on TPT separately and in a bundle! :) I blogged about how I'll be using it so if you're interested, feel free to take a look! Click on the picture below to check it out in my TPT store. :)
2. I'm in ARIZONA!!! My family and I just made it to Phoenix, AZ last night for our family reunion!! We're going to Payson, AZ which is in the mountains for the next week! It's so interesting to see how different the US is by area! I love learning about it all! I have to admit, though, I'm really scared to see a scorpion!! hahah My aunt found one this morning! hah AHHH! We midwest people don't have those! I'm super excited for the week!  I love my family so much!!

Side note: I'm on my aunt and uncle's PC, and I have a Mac. Needless to say, even being pretty tech savvy, my cousin and I could not figure out how to rotate the photos. We rotated them in the photo program, but when I upload onto here, it goes back! hah So, I apologize for the upside down photos!! haha :)

3. So I decided this week that I need to do something about my landscaping at my house! haha I absolutely love my house; however, I cannot stand the landscaping! It's like a wildlife preserve! So I think my sister and I are going to try to get it ready to put rocks in and buy potted plants! Then I want to put down some bricks to outline it! If you have any suggestions or advice, I'm all ears!! :)

*I promise it's the last upside down photo!! haha :) Also, don't be fooled by how pretty the poppies are! hah They only bloom for about a week in May, and then they don't look so pretty anymore!! :)

4. After all of the posts and instagrams about the book Teach Like a Pirate, I just had to get it!! Well, it came on Monday!!!! Yay!!! I will hopefully have a little time to start this while we're up in the mountains!! Can't wait to read what it's all about! If you have a second, I'd love to hear what your favorite part was in the book or how you liked it!! :)
5. Finally, for my last post, I just wanted to put a quote that I love! After some events taking place, I am reminded how important friends and family are in your life! It's so important to have a strong support group around you, and I am just so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life! 
Thanks so much for reading my Five for Friday!!! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!!! :)


  1. Hey Ms. Swisher! I just started reading Teach Like A Pirate today! How are you liking it so far?

    1. Hi Mr. GI! I am loving it!!! I'm not that far in because I'm reading it here and there while we're here at our family reunion in Arizona, but I absolutely love his enthusiasm! I'm going to share this with my principal and see if she'll get it for everyone! I love how he talks about being present and whether you'll be a lifeguard or a swimmer! So many good parts! How are you liking it?

      OH, and thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I love visitors! :)

    2. Sorry!! I meant to type Mr. G! Not sure how the I got in there! haha


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