Skip Counting to a Tune!!! with FREEBIES!!!

Hallmark Movie Channel...I'm addicted to this station! I came home today, did my Insanity Max 30 (awesome workout if you haven't tried it:), and sat down to write my post. When I put on the Hallmark Movie Channel, I kid you not, a movie pertaining to music in the classroom was on! A sign...I think so! :) The movie's called Notes From Dad. It's about a trumpeter who becomes a music teacher at a high school and helps out these kids that are going through tough times.


I'm completely going on a bit of a tangent, but I couldn't help it!! I'm a sucker for any teaching/sports/music/dance inspirational movie! I mean, I seriously LOVE them!! I love the fire it lights inside of me! I love that I want to go conquer the world when I watch them. I love that music has the power to define cultures and life itself. A song comes on, and it can instantly take you back or motivate you forward!
I don't know if I'm just emotional or what (winter blah), but just thinking about music's influence and  connection to everything brings a tear to my eye. I always think, if music inspires us in so many aspects of our life, than why not bring it into the classroom??

I've had music in my life since I can remember! My mom always tells me the story of the time I was belting out "Tomorrow" from Annie in the grocery store! The manager gave me a sucker!! :) Ever since I started teaching 12 years ago, I have had a guitar in my room. My kiddos beg for me to play so we can all sing! Any time I travel abroad or different areas of the US, I get an instrument to take to my classroom. I have instruments from Spain, China, Mexico, Costa Rica, Disney World (Africa, LOVE Animal Kingdom), and from stores. We use the instruments to celebrate birthdays in our classroom and for chants and songs throughout the year.

So if there's a chance or idea that includes music, I'm there!!! Which finally brings me to my point tonight!!


A few years ago, I walked into one of my friend's classrooms at school and just happened to walk in when they were chanting to skip counting. I instantly LOVED it! Fact fluency is something our kids really need to be strong in to have that foundation for basically everything in math. So I just had to use those chants!! So he told me he found them on You Tube but changed a couple around. So, of course, I went to You Tube. You can check out the video here. Kimberly Rimbey did an awesome job finding the perfect songs to go with the skip counting patterns. I added in a 2s, 5s, and 10s chant, titles, along with creating a PowerPoint with posters and smaller sized posters to make practice books for your students!

My kids LOVE SKIP COUNTING TO A TUNE!!!!! AND so many can now multiply way better and quicker by using these chants!!! I posted a video of my class getting "down" with skip counting and was AMAZED at the response from all of you!!! There have been over 8,000 views on my Facebook page!!! WOW!!! This definitely told me that we all want to bring music into our rooms!! SO I had to help with this!!

Below, you will find both videos we made, the PowerPoint presentation, as well as the PDF file for the posters and smaller student booklet posters. I need to work on my video skills which I'm sure my friends I worked at Apple with will cringe when they watch haha!!

The first video I had one of my students take was portrait view. hah It doesn't include the 10s chant. The second video I wanted to show the PowerPoint slides more so you all can actually use it in your classroom too so to teach your kids the chants!!! This video does include the 10s chant. We do these chants and songs every day at the beginning of our math time! They lead us right into our objectives!! I let a different student ring the bells and control the slides each day too!! :) We're making the student booklets now!! One of my boys definitely came up to me asking when they were going to get them!! :) Love them!!

I hope you are able to incorporate these chants into your classroom and bring music in!!!! You'll be hearing these chants EVERYWHERE!! Yay! ;)

1st Video
2nd Video
Skip Counting to a Tune~PowerPoint Presentation!!
Skip Counting to a Tune~PDF File for Posters!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Hope you and your kiddos love SKIP COUNTING TO A TUNE!!!

There's SNOW Better Time for a DOLLAR SALE!!!

Hi everyone!!! I've missed you all, and I'm so glad to be back at it!! :) If any of you live in the midwest, you might recall last year at this time, we had a huge snow storm that shut down our schools for an extra week! Well, we don't have huge snow amounts, but it's COLLLLDDDD outside!! So we have the day off of school today! Am I happy about this...not really since we will have to make it up! However, keeping our kids and staff safe is number one priority so I'm going to enjoy this day and use it to get caught up on things!!

OHHH, and ALSO for a DOLLAR SALE!!!!!
We decided to have another DOLLAR SALE like we did last week during this same week! haha Funny how history can repeat itself!! Click on the covers below to see the 4 items in my store that will be $1 for today and tomorrow! Don't forget to check out the other DOLLAR DEALS with the links below!!! :)

SOLVE it! Mult./Div.- A new TWIST to flashcards!
This is the 2nd set of SOLVE it! cards with my first set (add./subt.) being one of my best sellers!!! I don't know about you, but the same flashcards can get kind of boring. So I made these cards in an attempt for higher order thinking, longevity, and FUN!!! Students have to find a way to make the number in the middle. With this set, they use multiplication or division. There's also a recording sheet, if desired, to record some of the facts they use. This is another highly requested game in my room!! 

In a New York MINUTE!
This game is part of my MASSIVE time unit you can find here Nothing but TIME! Make sure to check it out before in case you'd like the discounted HUGE set with 10 centers, pre and post tests, teacher notes, pictures, and more!! :)

3 of a TIME!! Finding 3 ways to represent the time card game!!
My kids absolutely LOVE this game!! It is always a requested game to play, AND it has 4 different sets to play with! With 4 sets (o'clock, half past, quarter after, quarter 2), this game will have your kids mastering time in NO TIME! :)

My Bounce Card
I created these cards to help my literature circles carry on discussions about their books. They give them starters and ideas as to how they can respond! My kids have done so well with these, and they have really carried it over into guided reading small groups and other subjects too!! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!!! I love having visitors!!! Stay warm!!! :)