Do you BELIEVE!!! I passed 100 followers!!! :)

THANK YOU!!! I cannot thank you all enough for helping me let my voice and passion be heard through my blog!! I am so honored and privileged to be amongst amazing educators and people connected through technology from miles and miles apart!! I'm working on getting a giveaway ready soon!! I just need to figure out Rafflecopter!! haha I'm pretty tech savvy, so I'm hoping it won't be too difficult! :) Just check back here to see! haha

Right before I made it to 100, my sister passed along a You Tube video that was passed along to her from a friend. This is a 5th grader in Dallas, TX giving a back to school keynote to over 20,000 teachers. He is AMAZING!!! Teaching is truly a gift, and this young boy captured every bit of that. I believe that every single one of us here can change the world. I remember when I first started teaching, people would often say that the new teachers come in wanting to change the world. Who says I can't conquer the world after 10 years of teaching?!? :) I think conquering the world can be helping a child learn to read his/her first word. It could be watching a child walk down the hallway on his own for the first time in 3 years of being in school. It could be creating materials that your previous students still talk about with you years after they were in your room. It could be collaborating with other teachers to find ways to reach all students. Conquering the world is teaching!

Do you believe? 

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