"Write-On" Desk-Top Name Tags!!


So I've been wanting to create these for a while, but I just haven't had the time until Spring Break!!!  It has always bothered me when kids draw on, bend, write on, etc. on their name tags on their desks!  You pay all this money for the cutest name tags with all the information on them only for your students to destroy them in a week if not sooner! :)  So, I thought instead of trying to stop them which we all know won't work when it's right there on their desks, why not make name tags that they CAN and are ENCOURAGED to write on!!  Also, I'm always having trouble trying to fit in handwriting into the daily schedule so why not have them use their name tags for handwriting practice daily?!?  So I decided to start making these for all year so I can easily switch them out.  For the skills, I looked at what we are doing in math for the last quarter and out of those skills, which ones my students either need work on or should be able to do easily for next year.  I will adjust these in the ones to come to go along with the time of the school year, too!  I'm sooooo excited to get these on their desks!  I haven't decided if I just want to print them and not laminate them and use packing tape to tape it to the desks.  This way they can use their pencils or crayons easily, and it cuts down on preparation.  Then if they do ruin the name tags, at least

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