Class DOJO!!!

I am sooooo excited to start the Class DOJO tomorrow to finish out the school year!!!  I have been researching and testing everything out so that it's ready to go, and I can't wait!  I, too, am always trying new ways to help increase positive behavior without always rewarding students for things they should be doing already.  Sometimes, I have conflicts with the whole immediate gratification because, let's face it, that's not how it always is in real life when you have to work long and hard for things and to see the success at the end.  I've been using the Clip Chart behavior system this year for the first time, and I have really liked the fact that every student has the chance to improve their behavior the whole day instead of being stuck on Red right away in the morning.  However, I have still found that it is sometimes hard to keep up with because of the school wide jewel incentive or the bucket fillers we use, and I tend to forget to tell students to clip up when they're doing something great.  With this, I will be able to have my iphone or ipad with me all the time while checking in on students.  I won't have to worry about moving their clips back for the next day, recording where they were each day or even filling out their behavior charts that they record on daily to have parents sign.  Everything will be done for me!! :)  I love that I can send reports to parents that are more detailed for me as well as the students and parents telling specifically what they were doing that was positive and negative.  Ohhhh, I can't wait!! :)  We, as teachers, have soooo many tasks on our plates, that I am really hoping that the Class Dojo helps alleviate one of those tasks in a fun, rewarding way with my students!!  I really think they are going to love it!!  I will let you all know how it goes this week!! :)

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