Money, Money, Money, MOney...MONEY!!! Making "Cents": Our National Coins


So this past week we were reviewing money and equivalences while solving word problems.  I do math rotations like Beth Newingham explains on her website, so I have them grouped by ability. I was going through the coins with them, and one group kept confusing nickels and quarters (which we've done ALL year plus since they were in kindergarten!!) so you can imagine my surprise in hearing this!  They didn't even do this earlier in the year!  I'm not sure what was going on, but it sparked my motivation to back up a second.  So I came up with Coin Profiles!  I thought that it wouldn't hurt all the kids to do some researching and really get to know their money system.  I made Coin Profiles and found websites for them to go to in order to research and find the information.  I'm hoping this will be a better way to help them understand the coins and better identify them!  With this, I made QR code signs to make the research more fun and controlled.  Each coin has 2 QR code sheets, but you can also use the websites I've listed for the computer, etc.  Then I have flashcards with self checking QR codes or regular ones with a record sheet.  I'm going to give them the quiz on Monday and Friday to see if there's any difference! :)  I'm hoping I won't get the same responses as last week!!! I'm PRAYING! :)

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