Class Dojo UPDATE!

What can I say...I LOVE Class Dojo!! :)  I have been so tired of using so many different behavior systems at once that it just becomes so much work.  I've found with Class Dojo, majority of that work is eliminated.  I haven't figured out how to use it as a grade, though.  If anyone has ideas for this, I would love to hear them!  It's amazing how my students see me with my iphone or ipad in the hallway, and immediately, they put up the quiet sign! haha  On top of that, who doesn't love the little avatars?!? They are adorable!!  My students love going in and changing them!  I'm still trying to figure out if I want to let their Dojo points add up throughout the week or reset them daily so we're trying both ways to see!  Process of elimination usually works!  Well, I will let you know how Week 2 goes!  Like I said, if you have any suggestions or ways it's worked for you, I would be all ears!  


  1. I just got this app! I am so excited! I love your blog! It is very pretty :)

  2. Thank you!!! I'm actually doing a little revamping on the blog to go along with my url. :) I want it to be easily identified as an education blog. However, it is going to be so hard to part with the fun design and colors of my current one!

    Ahhh! I love Class Dojo!!!! I have some ideas for next year on how to use it and manage it so I hope to work on that this summer! Are you out of school now, or do you get to test it out? I would love to hear how you like it and any ideas you come up with, too! I'll definitely be blogging about it this summer!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm fairly new to all of this and am loving it! :)


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