Sunday Savings Circulars!!! (Nov. 2nd) A Weekly Linky Party

Happy November everyone!!! I can hardly believe it myself!! Although, here in Indiana, we saw the first snowflakes of the season! Yikes!! I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet! So after WAYYYYY too much candy, I tried to jump back on the healthy street until I remembered I had a bag of peanut butter M&Ms!! They are my weakness!!! I have NO control with them! Oh well, I worked out today! ;) I also must confess that I'm on Christmas movie #4 right now!! I LOVE the Hallmark Channel! I can't be alone, right?!?

If this is your first time perusing or linking up your own Sunday Savings Circulars...WELCOME!!!! I hope you enjoy looking through all the new products, deals, sales, etc.! The Sunday Savings Circulars have joined my love of Sunday ads!! I hope you enjoy them too!!

If you are a returning shopper or linker (new word? :), nice to see you again!! Hope you find some great deals today!! If you are linking up for the first time (YAY!! ), there are directions below and a link-up button! Thanks for joining!!

Here is my Sunday Savings Circular for this week!!

This week, I am putting one of my favorites and most popular products at 50% OFF!!! This is my author's purpose set called All About Author's Purpose featuring the AP Kids!!! This set helped my kids so much and was fun at the same time!!

PLUS...BOGO!!!! Buy 1, get 1 FREE (of equal or lesser value)!!! Simply email me at, and include the name you purchased my product(s) under along with what you would like to receive for FREE!! I will send it your way!! :)

Come join the party!!!

This linky party works the way you want it to!! Every Sunday, you can send out a Sunday Savings Circular that displays a sale that you are going to have that day, new products you want to showcase, deals like dollar deals/bogo/etc. It is completely up to you!!! Thanks so much for joining!!! 

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