Sunday Savings Circulars!!! A Linky Party!! (Oct. 19th)

Hi everyone!! Welcome to the Sunday Savings Circulars linky party where you get to peruse the deals, sales, and new products of teacher bloggers from all over!!! It's a great way to get to know other bloggers as well as find some AMAZING resources that you can use in your classrooms!

Who doesn't love perusing through Sunday ads with a hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate (my go to), tea?!?

This Week's Sunday Savings Circular 

This week, ALL of my TIME activities are HALF OFF on Sunday!!!!!! My HUGE "Nothing But Time" unit is HALF OFF!!! Make sure to check that out first as a couple of the other products are included in the bundle!!!

Come Join the Party!!!

This linky party works the way you want it to!! Every Sunday, you can send out a Sunday Savings Circular that displays a sale that you are going to have that day, new products you want to showcase, deals like dollar deals/bogo/etc. It is completely up to you!!!


  1. Glad I found your blog! I'm excited to link up with you!
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

    1. Yay!!! I'm glad you did too!! Thanks so much for linking up!!!! :)

  2. Hey Nicole! I made it JUST in time! I have been working on report cards and conference things this weekend. So, I didn't have time for a more interesting post, but I got the basics in! I hope you have had a super fun break so far!! Thanks for doing this linky!

    i Heart Second

    The Think Aloud Cloud

  3. And....I got your "Nothing But Time" Pack during your first sale. (I forgot to let you know.)

    What a great resource! And...what a super deal! Thank you for the sale! I can't wait to get all of the activities ready for my little buddies!

    i Heart Second


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