SUNDAY SAVINGS CIRCULARS (Oct. 12th)!!! A NEW Linky Party!

Hi everyone!!!! I'm sooo excited that you're here for the 2nd week of SUNDAY SAVINGS CIRCULARS!!! I just started my 2 week fall break!! Yes, 2 weeks!!! :) We're on a balanced schedule so we've been in school since July 29th. I already feel like I'm a 100x more relaxed! hah Maybe I'll even get to read a book for pleasure!! WOOHOO!!! So perusing all the Sunday Savings Circulars this week will be even sweeter!!

I'm also SUPER EXCITED to reveal my brand new blog design by Megan from A Bird in Hand Design!!! She's awesome to work with, and I'm absolutely in love with it!!

So let's get this week's circulars started!!! Don't forget to link up your Sunday Savings Circular below!!!!

Sunday Savings Circulars

Here you will find Sunday Savings Circulars by several of us bloggers showcasing some of our favorite products for you to check out!!! Each blogger will choose what kind of deals they would like to have by promoting them with their Sunday Savings Circular! Use the hashtag #sundaysavingscirculars on instagram, twitter, and anywhere else you'd like! :) Here is a look at mine! :)

This week on my Sunday Savings Circular, I have a huge BOGO sale AND the rest of my store will be 20% off!!!
Graphics by Red Pepper (distressed brick background), Educlips (shopping cart), My Clipart Store (vintage frame), Creative Clips(arrow) and Fonts by Hello Literacy and KG Fonts
My 2 newest sets are 2 of my absolute FAVORITES!!! They have come in handy in my classroom, and my kids love them!! SOOO...if you by What's the POINT, anyway?, you get Synonyms & Antonyms GALORE FREE!!!! Simply email me at with your TPT username, and I will send you Synonyms & Antonyms GALORE for FREE!!! 
This set is all about being able to identify and analyze the author's point of view, or opinion! It starts out with facts and opinions to build the foundation!! If they can't identify and decipher between a fact and an opinion, they're going to have a difficult time figuring out the author's point of view!! Then it progresses along to proving and explaining more on facts and opinions to short passages finding and analyzing author's point of view! TONS of resources included as well!! Organizers, interactive notebook additions, flip flap books, answer keys, QR codes, and options!!! 
This set includes 6 different task card sets! There are 3 different activities, and for each activity, there are 2 sets of task cards: one for antonyms and one for synonyms. You also have the option of mixing the sets within each activity to include a mix of antonyms and synonyms!! There are QR codes if you want to use them, but you don't have to either. Tons of options to use, and the kids love it!! :)

Come Join the Party!!!

This is YOUR Sunday Savings Circular so feel free to do whatever deals/discounts/sales you'd like to do!!! The template is open for you to add your own touches! :)


  1. I'm off next week! We started the first week of August, but the time has flown by! I love the idea of this linky party- thank you! Love your sale items!

    1. Are you on a balanced calendar too?? It sounds like the same time frame about!! Thank you so much!! I truly appreciate your support!!! It's so fun getting to know people better through these linky parties!! Thanks again!!!

  2. Thanks for letting me link up and for bringing us this great Sunday Circular idea! So fun!

    <3 Melissa

    1. Thank you!!!! I'm so excited that so many people are loving it!!!! It has made me look forward to Sundays!!! :) Thanks again for linking up!!!


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