It's a Christmas in July $1 SALE!!!

Merry July that is!!!! :) A bunch of us Indiana Bloggers are having a $1 sale for a little Christmas in July celebration!!! Perfect timing to get pumped up and ready for the new school year! I must say my absolute favorite time of year is Christmastime so this is right up my ally!! 

So...I have 4 products marked down to ONLY $1 for the next 2 days!!! YAY!! Here's a peek! Just click on the picture to take you to that product in my store! :)

1. Teacher Toolbox Labels
This toolbox has helped me so much!! I actually know where everything is for once! :)

2. Address, Phones, Quiz, Driver's License
Now, what teacher hasn't heard this before, "I don't know my phone number." Well, this set makes learning that very important information a little more fun and exciting! 

3. Organization Labels by Skill
These have been amazing!! I'm the "out of sight, out of mind" type of teacher so I need things out! These do the trick! Click on the link to read more about how I use these in my classroom! 

4. Are you looking for us?
There's always someone that's coming to get a student, look for you, etc. so this set is a great way to keep everyone informed of where your class is during the day!

There you have it!!!! Does it feel like Christmas yet?? :) Don't forget to check out all of the other $1 sales going on for the next 2 days below!! It's a little ironic that here in the midwest it's a bit cooler for this time of year! Perfect timing! 

Merry Christmas!!! :)

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