Freddy's Back and a Gift Tag Freebie! :)

Let's start with the incredibly cute idea from Amy over at Step Into Second Grade!! Amy made gift tags for her neighbor that go with soda that are adorable!! Definitely check them out!!! I know I would love something like that as a neighbor! :) 


Since I loved her idea so much, I thought I would extend it to different members of our school staff that my kids work with as a little Christmas gift/gesture! So I made some gift tags for custodians, nurse, secretary, principal, asst. principal, cafeteria workers, one with a broader saying and 2 empty spots to write who it's for! I found the super cute, round Coke bottles at Walmart for $1.00 a piece! Today, we went as a class to deliver these little gifts with a huge THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS! I let kids who I saw making good choices this week so far carry them. Oh boy, that changes things for the rest of the day because they knew we had more to deliver! It was really cute! They LOVED delivering them! So I hope you all can use them too! Click here to download the google doc! 

OHHHHH...Freddy's BACK!!!! 
Freddy has not visited our classroom since last Thursday when his magic was taken away.  Today, when we came back from performing for our school in our Holiday Program, we found him sitting on our Listen to Reading area with a note from Santa and Hershey Kisses for everyone! :) The screams and surprised looks were priceless!!! I was even surprised too! Santa said Freddy saw some students working so hard that he wanted to give us another chance. So today we were reminded that we're not going to get a 3rd chance so we need to make sure to take care of Freddy. 

With 2 days with kids left and 1 teacher day, things are wrapping up! It's so hard to believe a semester is almost finished! Tomorrow we make our ornaments for parents from Falling Into First's blog post! I cannot wait to do these! Definitely check them out if you are still pondering fretting over parent gifts! I found the ornaments in 10 packs at a Walmart for $2.97 each. I bought the set with red, green, and gold ornaments, but there were other choices too. Then we have our Holiday Program tomorrow night for the parents. My awesome 2nd grade team will be having some wonderful Mexican food to do our gift exchange and relax before the program begins! 

Lots going on just like I bet you all have! However, I just LOVE this time of year so I hope you all are able to really enjoy every second with your students, your own kids, pets, families, etc.! It truly is a magical time of year! Good luck with the rest of this week! As I said this weekend, I "surrender" to the childlike holiday spirit! Time to simply take it all in and ENJOY! 

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