Friday Fall FREEBIE Blog Hop: Final Round!!!

Hi everybody!! :) I can't believe it, but this is the last Friday Fall Freebie!!! It's crazy to think Nov. 1 is next Friday! I just love everything about the fall so I want to take it all in as much as I can! The past 2 weeks, I have been on fall break! I went to see my nephews out west which was awesome!! I was introduced my nephew's kindergarten class as a "good aunt" which made me smile!! :) It's going to be a rude awakening Monday morning, but luckily, there are tons to look forward to in the next weeks!
On to the FREEBIE! I want to give another great, big THANK YOU to Crystal and Marie at Once Upon A Classroom: Two Teacher Perspectives for getting this all together for everyone!! The FREEBIES have been AMAZING!! Thanks also to all of YOU for stopping by our blog hop!! We're so happy you have joined us for the past month or if you just started today, welcome! :)

My FREEBIE today is on finding sums of 10. It's called "Go Turkey Trotting to Sums of 10." It is a game played like "Go Fish" except you start with 2 cards in your hands. You can print the number cards with the title cards back to back, or if you want to save on ink (black and white looks fine too), you could just use the number sides. There are directions with the set for the kids as well. Instead of saying "Go Fish," they say "Go Turkey Trotting!" This is a very quick game with a half sheet exit type slip that they will have to complete also. I have included one half sheet set (2 half sheets to 1 page) to use with a timer to write down how long it took them to finish. The other half sheet set is simply completing it and using the answer key to check how many they got right. Click here to download this FREEBIE, or click on the title page below to download it. 

 I hope you and your students enjoy this quick paced game!! Thanks again for stopping by the blog hop!!! Make sure to FOLLOW ME to continue along with me on my journey! Also, I would love to hear what you think of the FREEBIE and of the blog hop! What was one of your favorite freebies? 

Your next stop on the blog hop is with Mrs. Rossi at Sailing into 2nd!! Click on her blog button to grab your next FREEBIE!!!

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