Top 5 Countdown!! Sale!!

Hellooooo there!!! I'm back!!! :) It has been about 2 whole weeks since my last blog post so what does that mean??? School has been back in session for 2 weeks now! :) ahhh I'm slowly getting back into some sort of routine but seem to be struggling a bit to find that rhythm yet. I know it will kick in here soon! (I hope! :) So thanks to Brenda at Primary Inspired for bringing me back to my blogging world!! Since we're on a balanced schedule, we started on July 29th with our teacher day and 30th with kids, but I know many of you either just started last week or are getting ready for tomorrow to start! Either way, we all know how much we're trying to create, find, and plan great activities and lessons for the first few weeks and beyond. Well, I'm joining up with Brenda to bring my Top 5 Countdown!! I am putting my Top 5 Wishlisted Items on sale for 20% off from tomorrow, August 12th through Wednesday, August 14th!!
Click on the button directly above to go to my TPT store! Click on the specific links below to go directly to those products! 

I hope you are able to swing by and check them out and find something useful for you! Don't forget to click on the Top 5 Countdown button above to head back to Brenda's to see the others who linked up too!! Happy New School Year!!!

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  1. I soooo feel ya about the small blogging break! Today was my first post in about two weeks because the back to school craziness has been INSANE!!!

    Love your top 5 countdown!

    A Rocky Top Teacher


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