Peek at my Week with my Visual Plans!

Hi everyone!!! How's all the school years starting or getting ready to start?? Believe it or not, we are in our 5th WEEK of school already!!!! It's crazy!! This balanced schedule sure changes things! :) However, I will be so excited to enjoy a 2 week break in October so it's all worth it! I haven't had time to blog in a while so I thought I'd link up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to share my lesson plans with you! My common core lesson plan template is my best seller in my TPT store so I thought this would be a perfect way to give some more ideas for how to use the plans! When I created this template, I tried to include every part needed with our new evaluation system including the common core standards for Language Arts and Math so that I could simply circle or highlight the standards right there.

First off, I am the queen of changing up things and/or making adjustments for my needs as the years go by and within the years. (indecisiveness runs in the family! hah) So...I've already reorganized a few parts of my plans and actually started adding some visuals to my plans after seeing Mrs. Wills! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I really do think I may look at my plans again when I start the new school year next year! I'm just such a visual person so glancing and seeing pictures showing what I used will be so much more helpful than just words typed on a paper. So's a few pictures of what my lesson plans look like for this week!! We're doing nonfiction sequencing with how-to writings (made AMAZING English Muffin pizzas today), reading and adding sequencing words to recipes and directions to games in the classroom, and taking a look at life cycles in science to connect them all together. We're also revisiting text features and main topic.

I absolutely LOVE this Betty Crocker Kids Cook Cookbook!!!! I always try to expose my students to as many forms of literature as I can so getting some recipes in the classroom has been a great addition!!! 
We are just starting our intervention pull-outs so that is why that area is blank right now. :)
 Almost ready to go in the oven! 
So I was having a hard time writing with the Sharpie so it looks like I'm a "Mrs." when in fact I'm very much a "Ms." haha A friend pointed that out to me. :) These pizzas were DELICIOUS!!! We will be creating a flow chart using pictures I took today of the kids going step by step. They will also add descriptions for each step using sequencing words. Finally, they will write their how-to essays using their flow charts as their guide. :) They loved making these!!

So there's a look at each subject of a lesson plan from a few days! :) Some of the visuals are from amazing bloggers so make sure to check them out too!

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Ginger Snaps Text Features Poster Pack
My very own Reading Skills Posters/Organizers/Reference Sheets/Tests/Matching Game and Long Vowel sort coming soon to TPT :)

Make sure to swing on back to Mrs. Wills Kindergarten by clicking the button below to check out some more visual plans with her Peek at my Week linky!! :) Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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