Sunday Smorgasbord 7/14

I'm so excited to link up with Michelle from Fabulous in First!! Since school is starting for us in 2 weeks, this past week has been FULL of randomness!!! :)

Sunday, July 7th- Fly back home into Midway
Tonto Natural Bridge, AZ
So this past Sunday, my family and I ended our family reunion trip to Payson, AZ. :( It's always a great time getting together with family, but it's so hard to say bye for now! During this trip, I definitely realized how much I love the midwest! :) Nothing against Arizona because it has so many cool, picturesque places and plants in nature. However, I can't deny how much I love the lush colors of the midwest (when there's not a drought in the summer with crunchy grass like last year!). I was super excited to get a couple books for my classroom, though! Anytime I travel, I ALWAYS buy a kid's book to do with that area, national and international.
One other thing about my family is that everyone LOVES some White Castle Sliders!!! My immediate family and grandma live in the midwest where we can have them all the time, but everyone else moved away (Arizona, Florida, Wyoming) and don't have that luxury anymore. So, we kind of rubbed it in with our late night snack after getting into Midway! :)

Monday, July 8th- Back to Indy
So after the trek back from Arizona, it was time for me to drive back to Indy to get some school stuff done!! (3 weeks from that day, 2 weeks now till we start!) I'm not panicking, though!?! hah I immediately got going on cutting, laminating, and organizing all of my new Community Themed Decor so that it was ready to go up in my room later in the week once the carpets were cleaned and the go ahead was given. I have absolutely fallen in love with all of my new decor!! I'm still not even close to being finished decorating in my room, but it's coming along.

To finish the day out, my sister and I went for sushi!!! How I love thee!!
Crazy and Crunchy rolls!! YUM!

Tuesday, July 9th- Lunch with a student, Back to School Shopping with my reading co-teacher
At the end of the year, it was bittersweet as one of my students who I had for 2 years was moving on to a new room. So my reading co-teacher and I took him and his grandma to lunch! He chose Steak 'n Shake! It's so fun to do things like this outside of school especially with a student who made a complete 180 from where he started!! He's on grade level across the board now!!! 

Following this, my reading co-teacher and I decided to hit the stores!! TONS of stores!! We started with Garden Ridge, on to United Art and Education, Walmart, Apple Store, Lakeshore Learning, La Hacienda for dinner :), and finally Target!! Boy was that an awesome day!! :) Here are some of the purchases I made that day!! 
 Lakeshore Learning I love you!
This was actually from Hobby Lobby the day before! I love it! 
My new reading area with 2 fun cube seats from Target!! I can actually sit on them, too! ;) So excited!

Wednesday, July 10th- New Hair Do!! 
So today, I took some time off to get my Back to School Do!! I got about 4 inches chopped off to chin length, changed the color back to chocolate brown and added a few red stripes in the front!
Here's my dog, Gracie, my nephew and me. :) I love my family and new hair! 

Then I got into my room where I wasn't really supposed to move anything yet, but our AMAZING head custodian said I could move the things that were already on the floor!! So I was off arranging the room; however, I literally stood there staring at the space because I had no idea where I was putting things! haha Then I just started with the desk arrangement and worked my way around!
A glimpse into the chaos! :)

Thursday, July 11th- Indiana Blogger Meet-Up!!!
Aside from helping some of my friends learn about Class Dojo and working in my classroom, I was sooooo excited for the Indiana Blogger Meet-Up!! It was so awesome to meet great teachers that think alike with that same passion!! How awesome! We had a great time playing Dirty Teacher with excellent products and gifts! It took a while for someone to "steal" a gift, but once it started, it was hard to stop!!! I cannot tell you how fun this was! We had great conversations and hopefully will be meeting up again soon!! Indiana rocks!! :)
The awesomely, beautiful gifts!

Ciera from Adventures of Room 129 and Heather from Teaching Through Turbulence did an awesome job organizing and even had these beautiful DIY frames for each of us!! 

Friday, July 12th- Back Home to Parents for Nephew Time
Thursday night I returned home to my parents 2 1/2 hours away to get some nephew time before my brother and sister-in-law head back with them to Wyoming next week! My sister, mom and I took both of them to see the movie Despicable Me 2! It was sooooooo cute!! Definitely worth seeing!
Saturday, July 13th- Sisters Pedicures and Cookout!
Every summer that my brother and his family come home to my parents, my sister, sister-in-law and I get pedicures and lunch! I tried out a new color, jade, on the toes, and I love it!! We ended up at Chili's for lunch which was delicious!! Can't go wrong with some Southwestern Egg Rolls and chips and salsa! Yummmm! Then we had neighbors and family over for a cookout that night which was where the picture of my nephew, dog and me came from!!! 

SOOOO I know this was EXTREMELY LONG, but I had a very RANDOM but WONDERFUL week!!! Thanks sooooo much for reading!!!

Have a great week!!!


  1. Replies
    1. haha Yes, it was!! However, it was great and still is going!! :) I have a couple days until I head back home and straight to my classroom! (after a good night's sleep of course!:) Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

      Nicole :)

  2. Wow you had a fab week!!! I love your hair cut!!! Isn't it fun being an auntie? Made my heart super happy when you mentioned taking a student out for lunch. So cute! Have a great Sunday!!


    1. It has been a wonderful week!! Thank you!! I love my cut and color! My hair stylist is awesome!! Being an auntie is amazing!! I just wish they didn't live so far away! Thanks so much for taking the time to read about my random week!! :)

      Have a great week ahead!
      Nicole :)


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