I'm back!!! Currently June 2015!!

I'm back!!!!!!! 

Hey everyone!! I didn't even realize that I haven't blogged since March!! March?!? That was when all of our testing started and continued intermittently through to May! :( Yikes! It was my first year in a testing grade (3rd). I was in 2nd for 10 years so didn't have to deal with that kind of testing anyway! I have LOVED 3rd grade, but I definitely did not enjoy all of the testing! My kids did great, though, so I couldn't be more proud of them for pushing through! 

Ok, so let's get to JUNE!! 

LISTENING: Have you seen McFarland, USA????? If you haven't, it's in Redbox now!!! It's so good and based on a true story!! I'm a sucker for any inspirational sports PLUS education movies!! OHH, and I'm listening to my neighbor mow! hah True sounds of summer! :)

LOVING: As much as I LOVE teaching and my students, I am SO EXCITED for a break!! The year has been great, but I'm exhausted!!! I guess I see it as a good thing that I'm exhausted because that means I put everything into it as I'm sure all of you did too! So we've all earned a little R & R!

THINKING: I'm so excited to be facilitating 2 or 3 professional development workshops this summer in my district!! I get to present on technology with iPads and my 90 minute reading block which I LOVE!!! So, I need to get going on the planning of those!!!!!! 

WANTING: How long does it take you to be able to sleep passed the time your alarm normally goes off during the school year?? Well, I haven't slept passed it yet! haha However, it's only the 2nd weekday of summer break so I guess I should give it a few days! :) By the time it happens, we will be getting ready to go back to school!! 

NEEDING: Who's going to the TpT Conference in VEGAS this summer??? I can't wait!! I loved last summer's conference, and I know this year's is going to be even bigger!! SO, I need to start saving the fun money!!! 

SUMMER LOVIN': There are so many things about summer that I'm excited about! I get to see my 2 nephews, brother, and sister-in-law who live in Wyoming next month!!!! My nephews are 5 and 7, and I just love them so much!!! Of course, I can't wait for the TpT Conference!!!! AND I'm looking forward to relaxing and rejuvenating myself so that I can be refreshed and ready for the new year!!!!

Hope everyone's school years have gone wonderfully!!!!! If you're still in school, keep pushing!! You're almost there!!!! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!!!! 


  1. I still haven't fully committed to Vegas. I want to go so badly, but my summer is short already. I only have 5 weeks. :(

    1. 5 weeks?? Wow!! Are you guys on a year round schedule? We are on a balanced schedule so we get 2 weeks at each break and 8 week summers. I wish you could come to Vegas!!! I understand the time, though! It's so hard to get everything you want to do in! You could always just go for Thursday and Friday! :) Hope it all works out!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. TpT Vegas here we come! Hope to get to meet you there!


    1. Yay!!!! So excited!! We definitely need to meet! I need to start planning my outfits now! :) See you in a few weeks!

  3. Hope you have an amazing time in Vegas! And good luck with your professional developments, they sound awesome! Wish I could attend and learn so much from you! Enjoy your summer! We still have 7 days to go.

  4. I teach 3rd grade as well, and I completely understand getting caught up with testing and the business of it all. Our testing was absolutely out of control this year. -_- It sounds like you have an enjoyable summer ahead of you! Enjoy your time with your nephews, sister, and family. And I'm a little jealous of everyone going to Vegas for the TPT conference. It's like a dream come true to be surrounded by sooo many people who all share a common passion!

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