THE Ron Clark Academy & EDexpo 2015!!!!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!!! I am so excited and giddy for this week that I had to share it with all of you!!! If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have seen me posting pictures of 2 things: THE Ron Clark Academy & the EDexpo 2015 in Atlanta!!! Well, let's dive into each one of these!!!
THE Ron Clark Academy!!!

First, I get to meet Ron Clark and Kim Bearden FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still remember when I first learned about Ron Clark with the Lifetime movie, The Ron Clark Story! As you all know, I'm a Lifetime and Hallmark channels fanatic so of course I watch EVERY GOOD teacher movie that comes their way! His story inspired me, moved me to tears, and showed me the potential that we all have!!!

I learned more about Kim Bearden while reading her INCREDIBLE book, Crash Course, as well as some interviews she's been in. Her truth and experiences are so relatable and inspiring!! Her book completely motivates you to go outside your comfort zone. It also makes you reflect on your own experiences which, in turn, makes you a better educator and person! say I'm excited is a complete UNDERSTATEMENT!!! I have wanted to go the Educator Training since I learned of it so for me to be able to go is a dream come true!!! AND I get to see one of the first bloggers I ever followed, Hope King, in action!!!! She is definitely the real deal!! I had the privilege of meeting and talking with Hope at the TpT Conference in Vegas last year! She is amazing!! So I cannot wait to see her teach!
This is one of my favorite pictures from Vegas with Hope King and Ashley Schroeder!! 

I will definitely be back next week to share ALL about The Ron Clark Academy!!! I can't wait to be "Slide Certified!" 
How can this video NOT make you smile and want to get up and get changing things!!! AHHHHH I'm at Panera, or I would totally start jumping up and down screaming...I'm going to RCA!!! I'm going to RCA!!!!! 

NOW, let's look at the 2ND AMAZING event going on this week!!! 

EDexpo 2015!!!!!!!
You all, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be getting opportunities to travel, meet-up with other teacher bloggers/FRIENDS, and share with all of you!!! Pinch me now!! So next weekend, I'm attending the EDexpo 2015 in Atlanta as well!!! This expo is going to have ALL the latest and greatest in teacher and classroom materials!! OH.MY.WORD!!! Teach heaven anyone?!? I mean, you all know the feeling you get when you walk into a teacher store! Well, this is going to be like that times 100!!! I'm getting to go around to all the vendors, testing out materials, talking, and deciding which ones I think would be the most useful in classrooms!!! HERE is the list of all the teacher bloggers that will be there too!!

If you're in the area this coming weekend, definitely check it out!!! 


The cherry on top...I get to hangout with some of my favorites all weekend!!! We're even going to the Georgia Blogger Meetup as well!!! Holy cow! Can we get this week started already!! I can't wait to share EVERYTHING with you!!! Make sure to check back throughout the week and next week to get caught up on all of the fun!!!


  1. I can't wait to hear about your amazing trip!!! It looks like you had a blast from your ig pictures! Now I'm waiting for the full blog post of all that amazingness!!! So excited to see you again in Vegas!! You are going right?!?!


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