There's SNOW Better Time for a DOLLAR SALE!!!

Hi everyone!!! I've missed you all, and I'm so glad to be back at it!! :) If any of you live in the midwest, you might recall last year at this time, we had a huge snow storm that shut down our schools for an extra week! Well, we don't have huge snow amounts, but it's COLLLLDDDD outside!! So we have the day off of school today! Am I happy about this...not really since we will have to make it up! However, keeping our kids and staff safe is number one priority so I'm going to enjoy this day and use it to get caught up on things!!

OHHH, and ALSO for a DOLLAR SALE!!!!!
We decided to have another DOLLAR SALE like we did last week during this same week! haha Funny how history can repeat itself!! Click on the covers below to see the 4 items in my store that will be $1 for today and tomorrow! Don't forget to check out the other DOLLAR DEALS with the links below!!! :)

SOLVE it! Mult./Div.- A new TWIST to flashcards!
This is the 2nd set of SOLVE it! cards with my first set (add./subt.) being one of my best sellers!!! I don't know about you, but the same flashcards can get kind of boring. So I made these cards in an attempt for higher order thinking, longevity, and FUN!!! Students have to find a way to make the number in the middle. With this set, they use multiplication or division. There's also a recording sheet, if desired, to record some of the facts they use. This is another highly requested game in my room!! 

In a New York MINUTE!
This game is part of my MASSIVE time unit you can find here Nothing but TIME! Make sure to check it out before in case you'd like the discounted HUGE set with 10 centers, pre and post tests, teacher notes, pictures, and more!! :)

3 of a TIME!! Finding 3 ways to represent the time card game!!
My kids absolutely LOVE this game!! It is always a requested game to play, AND it has 4 different sets to play with! With 4 sets (o'clock, half past, quarter after, quarter 2), this game will have your kids mastering time in NO TIME! :)

My Bounce Card
I created these cards to help my literature circles carry on discussions about their books. They give them starters and ideas as to how they can respond! My kids have done so well with these, and they have really carried it over into guided reading small groups and other subjects too!! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!!! I love having visitors!!! Stay warm!!! :)


  1. Welcome Back. I missed you too and Yes, i remember last snow and this sell as well. I am really desperate to see the new items in this upcoming sale.

  2. I am seriously liking your blogs now. Please keep posting regularly. I hope you will remember this snow too like previous ne.


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