Dog Days of Summer...DOLLAR SALE!!!

Hi guys!!! So who is interested in a DOLLAR SALE to cap off the month of August?? I AM, I AM!! A bunch of us Indiana bloggers are doing a Dog Days of Summer Dollar Sale today and tomorrow!! I have 4 of my products on sale for ONLY $1 through tomorrow night! I've already bought some of the other dollar deal too! haha

Here's a quick look at each of my products!! :)

SOLVE it!!!!! These 2 products are the first two of the set. Instead of doing the traditional flashcard practice, the kids have to come up with facts to equal the middle number. I love hearing my kids play these games because they are really thinking much differently than a traditional flashcard would promote. 

Moving on to...

My Self Reflection Desktop Name Tags + POSTERS!!! Color & Black/White

These are one of my all time FAVORITE products I have made!! It makes self assessment so efficient and beneficial to my students!! :)

Who doesn't love a game of SCOOT?!? With this set, I wanted to have simple statements to get to the point of view. This is a perfect game for right after introducing the skill and/or as a review! I, often, will put the cards up around the room, and simply let the kids go! They can move around at their own pace while I can also monitor/check/assist the students! It gives me some time with the students that need more reinforcement! :)

There you have it!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Make sure to check out all of the other DOLLAR SALE products below!!! They are fantastic!!!

Happy shopping! 

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