Indiana Bloggers $1 SALE!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen: START YOUR ENGINES!!! 

Here in Indianapolis, the Indy 500 is a HUGE deal!! I've been to it a few times, and I always get chills when they start their engines!! Now, the how many hours in between the start and finish may be extremely a tad bit long so why not have a little DOLLAR SALE to help fill that time!! :) Some of my fellow Indiana Bloggers and I are picking some of our favorite products and marking them down to  a DOLLAR TODAY AND TOMORROW (25th & 26th)!!! So make sure to peruse below to check out all of the awesome products that are ONLY A DOLLAR!! I can't wait to go through them myself!!!

Here's a quick look at the ones I have for a DOLLAR from my store!! :)
These have made name tags soooo much less annoying! I can't stand how they destroy take care of them so I made ones that they can write on once you laminate so it's more interactive, useful, and pertinent to what they're learning at the time. I switch these out each quarter. I use Poster Velcro to make the switching super simple! 
 I love having every student have a job so they all have a responsibility. Some jobs are daily, some are once a week. I also use velcro above their cubbies to put these so it's easy to rotate them too!!
I send this home with my kids for the summer!! I wanted them to have some fun, unique ways to practice writing without it seeming like work! :) 
 I LOVE these awards!!! I wanted to make awards that could relate directly to the real world. I want them to keep thinking about what they want to be and all the possibilities!! They are so excited when they hear which one we thought they showed the most likely to be from the year. :)
This Reading Skills Test is meant to be used as a pre-test and post-test, but it could easily be separated by sections for shorter quizzes/tests/etc. As I said above, I love making things relevant so I get them all excited to take a "final" like you do in college!! I save the test in the beginning of the year so we can see their growth! :) 

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!!! 4 more days separates me from my best friend, SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!  Are you out yet??

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