Hi everyone!!!! How are you all doing?? Well, I am starting my 2nd week of spring break so I thought I'd join in with all the fun today!!! The DOLLAR SALE is back!! Several Indiana Teachers have joined in to offer some of our BEST SELLERS for ONE DOLLAR TODAY ONLY!!! Below you will find the 5 products in my store that are $1.00 today ONLY! The rest of my store is 20% off through tomorrow! The 5 dollar items will also be 20% off tomorrow! Click on the product pictures to go to the exact page in my store! THEN, check out ALL OF THE OTHER DOLLAR DEALS at the bottom of the post!!! There are tons of AMAZING products that I'm definitely purchasing today!
End of the Year Certificates!!!

Pre and Post Test for testing Reading Skills at the end of the year!

Genre Posters with Matching Book Bin Labels!

3 of a Time- Fractional Times Card Game!! My kids BEG TO PLAY! :)

SCOOT! 1st/3rd Person Point of View!

Thanks for stopping by!! Happy SHOPPING!!! :)

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