I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...wait, wait, wait...Christmas is over! Now, we get the foot of beautiful snow while it feels like -36 out!! Old Man Winter just wanted to keep us on our toes I guess! hah Look at this PURE BEAUTY!!!

With this beautiful Indiana SNOWPOCALYPSE comes an Indiana Bloggers $1 SALE extravaganza!!!  We are all linking up to share some of our awesome products with all of our sweet sweet guests and followers for ONLY $1 TODAY and TOMORROW!!! Make sure to FOLLOW everyone so you don't miss any of the amazing products and ideas Indiana Teachers are sharing!! We LOVE sharing! :)

I have 2 of my BEST SELLERS for $1 (80%+) and one of my newest products that I LOVE...SOLVE it! Sums and Differences to 20!! 

So just click on any of the links below which will take you to these awesome $1 DOLLAR SALE ITEMS!!! Make sure to check out all of the other products and tons of FREEBIES that we all offer in our stores and on our blogs!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!! Time for some T25, planning, and creating on this snow/cold day! :)


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