School's Out for Summer!!! My Summer Vacation Journal

Here is a look at my summer journals I am sending home with my kids!!  I'm sooooo excited about these that I want to do one! :)  I know how summer goes and time flies so I tried to make each journal entry new and unique so my kids would want to write in them!  I made 10 plus additional writing pages that are free writes so you can adjust how many pages you want in the journals.  I don't want it to look too overwhelming to them because that would probably turn me off to the idea, too!!  :)  Take a look here at the journals!!!  I LOVE them!! :)  (I guess I better love them since it took all day to create! hah)


  1. I love the journals! ! I am your newest follower! thank you for the awesome word wasd cards! !!!

    cindy pr ice

    1. Thank you!!! I love new followers!! I'm hoping to get to know all these weekly linky parties and join in this summer! You're so welcome for the cards! I'm glad you like them! :)


  2. meant word wall cards. .. sorry


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