Math "AHA!" Moments!

Today was one of those days that reminded me why I love to teach!!  We had a great Writer's Workshop and morning all together, and then awesome AHA moments in math!!  

In math, we were practicing finding the area of a space or shape.  Well, sometimes this can be a little challenging to teach to 2nd graders to where they actually truly understand it.  Everyday Math makes it easier for them by just counting centimeter squares inside the shape, but I want them to actually understand what it means.  Soooo...I made a 6 by 6 square so we could WALK THE PERIMETER, and COVER THE SURFACE FOR THE AREA.  The kids loved it!!  They got to walk around the shape and measure it using a yard stick, and then got to cover the surface as you see in the picture above!  You could see their eyes change once they understood the purpose for the activity!  I just had to share this!!  I wish I could bottle these moments up to remember them on the days I feel like I'm speaking another language to them! :)

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